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Quality Variety of Wooden Decking

Pressure-treated hardwood is used for most wood decking because of its ability to withstand water damage. Sturdy woods like redwood, pine and cedar are the most common types of decking.

Composite Decking (Artificial Decking)

Composite decking is constructed out of recycled plastic and wood fibres. The wood fibre is mixed into the synthetic material to give a more natural appearance.

Swimming Pools

With decades of experience in the installation of quality swimming pools.Your swimming pool is a great addition to your home, we offer you a comprehensive renovation and installation service to inject new life into your landscape! With a wide range of options on offer, we will have the pool just for you!


Crafted simulated finishes offer a landscape a stylish finish. You can really capture a mood and atmosphere with the correct paving layout and design.

Jungle Gyms

Our specifically designed jungle gyms not only provide hours of fun to children but increases their physical skills and self-confidence. Let them play outside in fresh air!


Many homeowners with children build sandpits in their backyards because, unlike much playground equipment, they can be easily and cost effectively constructed. It provides a medium in which children can pretend to explore, construct, and destroy the world in three dimensions.

Wendy Houses

Wendy House Options offer smart and practical solutions for expanding your living, working, playing and storage space quickly. The custom units are installed with the minimum disruption and time.


Trampolines are intended for fun as well as both mental and physical wellbeing. It is a most enjoyable, rewarding way of exercising, bouncing your way to health.

Kids Play Areas

Kids can have fun anywhere, but even their lively imaginations can sometimes use a boost. Let us create a safe, practical and fun space for your children to spend time in.

Wooden and Composite Decking (Artificial Decking)

If you’ve been thinking about having a wooden deck built outside of your home, you may have been considering which is the best type of wood to use for the project.  You have one of two choices: natural wood and artificial wood.  So what are the differences? what do I need you ask ?

Have Justgreen Professional Decking team inspect the area where you require a deck , we look at your lifestyle upkeep and budget , we then give you the best top wooden solution available to you.


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